In-Patient Care

In-patient services are available for the residents of Brinnova, who require constant supervision and monitoring. A stay at Brinnova is one of comfort, rejuvenating the patient and making them more confident and comfortable to get back into the world after a serious procedure. For our residents, Brinnova goes above and beyond with state-of-the-art facilities, doctors and nurses around the clock, healthy nutrition arrangements in accordance to the patients’ needs and physiotherapy for strength and flexibility.

Medical Supervision

Every resident at Brinnova receives personalized care and attention. Doctors are present around the clock at our facilities, ensuring that nothing is ever missed. Medical supervisors with full qualifications are also present to assist the doctors at all times. Care plans based on the individual’s requirements are made after consulting the physician, and will be carried on under the supervision of the nurses.

Nursing Care

Brinnova is supported by an energetic team of nurses who are available at the premises 24/7. The nurses have been trained at the best medical universities, and are up to date with the requirements of each patient. With boundless empathy and patience, they make sure that your loved one never feels the absence of care. From preparing meals to running errands, you’re in very good hands with our nurses.


The psychological impact of a major surgery is rarely ever addressed. The stress from not knowing what can happen to being in an unfamiliar environment to the physical and mental exhaustion – it’s all a lot to take! At Brinnova, we promise complete psychological and emotional support. Our on-site psychologists are available to help each resident adjust to the new arrangements, to process their feelings and to make their visit a purposeful and resting one.


Complete health starts from within! It is important to have a controlled and balanced diet on the days after a hospital visit. Brinnova’s dietician provides every resident with an individualized and special diet plan, which takes into account their health, history and fitness goals. With an energizing and nutritious diet, we make sure that perfect health is never out of reach.


Physical exercise is given the utmost importance at Brinnova, and we acknowledge the challenges that a resident would face in the physical sphere after any kind of surgery. With regular physiotherapy, patients can get a head-start down the path of recovering their health. Our expert physiotherapist treats every resident with the most care, making sure never to push anyone beyond the limit but at the same time encouraging improvement and growth.

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