Oncology Rehabilitation

Oncology Rehabilitation

It is imperative for survivors of the vicious disease of cancer to receive comprehensive and thorough care during and after your cancer treatment. Brinnova focuses on sustainable, thoroughly supervised and customized therapy programs to help cancer patients improve mobility & strength, to overcome fatigue and to get a brand new handle on life. Oncology Rehabilitation covers physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech & language pathology and manual therapy/massage. Our Oncology Care team consists of a group of experienced, empathetic therapists who understand perfectly the pain of a cancer treatment and work one-on-one with every patient, providing comfort in a disconcerting time. All therapies at Oncology Rehab are aimed at helping our patients live life just the same, while simultaneously managing the complexities of cancer and its treatments. Regaining balance and coordination is one of the most important benefits of therapy. Rehabilitation addresses issues like mobility limitations, lymphedema, pain, neuropathy and incontinence.

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