Paediatric Recovery

Paediatric Recovery

To a parent, the health of their child is understandably a more urgent concern than anything else. Common causes of disabilities in children are malnutrition, infections spread in their environments and a general lack of care. Disabilities in children in developing countries are 14% more rampant than in developed countries. The Paediatrics Department at Brinnova is adept at treating a vast range of disabilities, ranging from neuromuscular to congenital.

Initial evaluation of the child is extensive, taking into account family health as well. After a proper treatment plan is devised, the child is treated with tender care, ensuring that they never feel uncomfortable or afraid of being in a hospital space. We understand that healing and recovery of any sort can be harrowing for a child, and we aim to provide a safe and comforting space for the child and their parents. We motivate the child to push ahead and achieve optimum levels of functional capacity in all areas. This is achieved with the close help of our trained therapists with innovative and well-tested techniques and world-class equipment.

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