Vestibular Recovery

Vestibular Recovery

The Vestibular Rehabilitation program at Brinnova is a thorough exercise-based program designed by trained therapists to promote balance and eradicate problems of dizziness caused by inner ear deficits. When vestibular organs have been damaged with injury or disease, there is no longer an effective communication between them and the brain resulting in a variety of vestibular conditions like dizziness, vertigo, frequent falling, blurry vision, imbalance. Vestibular therapy benefits even those with unresolved inner ear disorders.

Vestibular Therapists at Brinnova first performs a study of the patient’s medical history, observing their balance, gait & posture. Depending on the evaluation results, a personalized treatment is planned out which includes eye, body and head exercises. The patient can perform these exercises in their own free time as well. The exercises allow the brain to once again identify and process signals from the vestibular system, and relay it with vision and perception.

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