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The process of recovery is one that can cause distress and further damage to the body if not done right. At Brinnova, we ensure that we are by your side every step of the way. Your health is in our hands, and to us, there is no greater responsibility.

In-Patient Care

Brinnova is a haven of thorough and specialized attention for every patient. With our luxurious suites and clean & comfortable sharing accommodation, every resident here is taken utmost care of.

Out-Patient Care

We extend our world-class services to anyone who needs them! Brinnova’s outpatient facilities are a convenient option for those who cannot stay the duration at our space.



Neuro Recovery

Neuro Recovery




  • Akshith Karike
    Centrally located well equipped hospital. Doctors and all the team members are very dedicated to help the patient. They take efforts to make the patient feel comfortable enabling a speedy recovery. I especially thank dr.sumanth reddy garu and his team. Such an amazing and wonderful person he is.
    Akshith Karike
  • V Sreenivas Sreenu
    Good Ambience, spacious rooms, well qualified and experienced staff, dedicated to provide quality transitional care to the needy I'm impressed a lot with the services provided.
    V Sreenivas Sreenu
  • Bhargav Reddy
    Thank you so much Brinnova for taking such a good care of my dad. Our family really appreciated the quality of service, hygiene and your staff's discipline. A special thanks to Dr. Rohin who was so patient and friendly. I PERSONALLY WOULD RECOMMEND BRINNOVA FOR ALL POST HOSPITAL CARE SERVICES
    Bhargav Reddy
  • Bhavana Musuluri
    My aunt needed physiotherapy due to back problems. She was barely able to walk, but after 10 days of physio, she was better and recovery has been awesome. Staff and doctors are focused on the patient every minute of the session. Thank you !
    Bhavana Musuluri
  • Karuna Gene
    Treatment and services are very good, I was unable to walk before coming to brinnova, but with the treatment given by medical team and physio team I was able to walk within 3 weeks without any support, thanks to the Physiotherapy team, who helped me to recover very fast.
    Karuna Gene
  • Mohammed Alswydi
    I received treatment at Brinnova; the doctors and staff are really professional yet they bring a home like atmosphere and care to every patient. I loved the fact that they looked after, even the smallest of things for me while I was a resident at the hospital. There was a point where I stopped feeling like I was admitted in a hospital and just felt like I was at home receiving care and treatment from my family
    Mohammed Alswydi
  • Rajini Chand
    For a long time our family wanted to admit my brother in are rehabilitation centre. I came to know about Brinnova rehab centre from one of my close friends. My brother is a stroke patient. We admitted him in Brinnova rehab on 1st October. We stayed here for 2 months.
    Rajini Chand
  • Pavan Reddy
    Brinnova is one of the best emerging service provider for all medical and rehabilitation needs. Recommend for who are looking for the best rehab services in Hyderabad. Dr.Syed proposed the best treatment plans and helped very well with more involvement. And we are very much thankful for his concerns towards fulfilling our requirements.
    Pavan Reddy
  • Ramana Saketh
    This rehab centre really helped my dad. The physiotherapy team here is very knowledgeable. The team tended to my father's issue with care and patience too. My father was able to walk on his own in less than two weeks after a major brain surgery. The house keeping service and patients' service is very good. The team provided all the services to with passion, which I don't see very often these days in other hospitals or rehab facilities. I would suggest/recommend this place to anyone. I am confident that this team can help anyone who is in need.
    Ramana Saketh
  • Ameer MD
    My experience at Brinnova Rehab Hospital can be described in so many ways, but the best way to sum it up is healing. Brinnova Rehab Hospital is not just a rehab institute, but a family (both literally and figuratively), who welcome each client with warmth, support, and empathy. The programs that the Hospital provides are not only amazing but the staff is extremely supportive of their clients’ recoveries too. The doctors and staff was very good and efficient. Patient was handled very nicely and comfortably. Thank you very much for the service Dr. Ashwin. Maintain the same quality and good work.
    Ameer MD


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