Ortho care and Rehabilitation

Ortho care and Rehabilitation

Brinnova is a leading provider of orthopedic rehabilitation care in Hyderabad. Brinnova is the biggest medical rehabilitation center in Hyderabad with 100+ beds across two centers located in Banjara Hills and HITECH City.

Our multidisciplinary team of health professionals under the direction of a rehabilitation specialist will work with you to first assess your abilities and goals, and then develop an individualised plan.

Typically, our orthopaedic rehabilitation programs aim to:

  • increase joint movement and flexibility
  • improve walking
  • increase overall body strength
  • improve balance
  • develop fitness and endurance

Maximising your functional independence is also a priority in areas such as self-care, home activities, and returning to work.

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Why Choose Brinnova

Orthopedic Rehab for You

  •   Your program will be overseen by a team of highly-trained rehabilitation specialists.
  •   You can choose a combination of health disciplines to suit your needs.
  •   Your program will be personalised to achieve your goals.
  •   You will achieve better results thanks to our high staff to client ratio.
  •   You will be assessed in real-time as you progress for each session.
  •   You are in safe hands with our reputation in care, specialising in Neuro and orthopaedic injury.


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