Spine Clinic at Brinnova

Spine Clinic at Brinnova

One of the most common health problems acknowledged all the world over is back pain. Being a problem as widespread as back pain, it often requires intensive physical therapy and maintenance exercise. The causes of back pain range from a sedentary lifestyle to heavy lifting to spinal degeneration over time. It helps to pinpoint the exact cause of the back pain, however it is not essential to treatment. Short-term back pain lasts from a handful of days to a few months. It’s always best to approach a doctor if your back pain lasts beyond two days. Symptoms of trauma/injury to the back are muscle aches, a throbbing/stabbing pain, inflexibility and loss of simple motor skills. Acute back pain does not take much time to become chronic, and it is advisable not to wait for that.

Brinnova’s Spine Clinic focuses on correction, prevention and education. Post-operational adjustment can be a challenge for anybody, and we wouldn’t want treatable back pain to add on top of that. Brinnova’s physical therapists work on an individualized basis with each patient, understanding their body, attempting to narrow down the cause of the back pain, helping to relieve the pain & increase their functional activity levels and providing them an intensive maintenance program to stop further pain.

Brinnova Spine Clinic focuses on:

  • Improving Mobility
  • Body Coordination
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Bowel and Bladder Training
  • Functional Strength and more
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All spinal injuries require personalized rehabilitation programs and specialized care comprehensive recovery, which Brinnova, the premier spinal rehabilitation center in Hyderabad, offers with utmost expertise and compassion.

The central goal in spinal injury rehabilitation is restoring function, mobility, and enhancing overall well-being. Brinnova, our spinal rehabilitation center in Hyderabad focuses on personalized care to achieve optimal recovery.

Structural spinal rehabilitation involves measures addressing not just the physical symptoms, but also the spinal conditions that caused them. Brinnova, the spinal rehabilitation center in Hyderabad ensures effective and personalized care.

At our "spinal rehabilitation center," Brinnova offers comprehensive care. Our multidisciplinary approach includes advanced treatments, therapies, and personalized plans to optimize recovery for spinal cord injuries.

In our "spinal rehabilitation center," spinal physiotherapy at Brinnova is a tailored approach. It focuses on exercises and techniques to enhance spinal function, promoting mobility and overall well-being.

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