A healthy mind and a healthy body set you on the route to happiness

“Life is unpredictable”, would be an understatement, we do not control the good or the bad, nor the ups & downs. However, one thing that is in our hands and can be controlled is health.

Good health is the key to longer lifespan and a healthy lifestyle will add years, but not everyone is lucky enough to have complete health all through & a healthy lifestyle is not a blessing everyone receives.

It is unfortunate & at times inevitable that a few have to go through mishaps in life, which eventually changes the direction of life & forces us to modify our living style. We tend to deny in the beginning but end of the day we need to bring in changes & may need external supports/aids.

This TRANSITION phase is very crucial & challenging, it demands your time and effort, we might lose motivation during this phase, but fret not BRINNOVA is here to help you through this transition.

Brinnova ensures that every resident is given utmost care and therapy as per their requirements. We believe that every individual has his/her capabilities and limitations and we do not wish to force anyone beyond their limits but rather make it smooth to fit within their threshold. We understand that a certain amount of encouragement is required for any kind of growth or improvement & there is no lack of motivation at Brinnova, you feel motivated at the very step in.

Brinnova is staffed with trained & experienced medical paramedical and nursing professionals who understand and acknowledge every resident’s needs and requirements & the services are available round the clock to help go through this transition and give them a head start down the path of recovery, making Brinnova one of the best Physiotherapy clinics in Hyderabad.

At Brinnova’s Physiotherapy Centre we offer following Physiotherapy services to help you get the best and the most comfortable recovery possible:

Orthopaedic Recovery

At Brinnova with our state-of-the-art equipment and a physiotherapist, we relieve your pain and completely improve your physical form in the best and optimal way possible.

Neuro Recovery

Brinnova’s Department of Neurological Wellness provides one-on-one treatment with the patient, with full focus on recovery and sustainable standard of overall health.

Spine Clinic

Brinnova’s physical therapists work on an individualized basis with each patient, understanding their body, helping to relieve the pain & increase their functional activity levels to stop or maintain any future occurrences of pain.

Paediatric Recovery

Initial evaluation of the child is extensive, taking into account family health as well. And Brinnova does just that, giving the best possible treatment for your little one.

Occupational Therapy

The goal of Brinnova’s team of Occupational Therapists is to increase functioning & independence with repetitive exercises in the context of functional activity.

Brinnova is the best choice for you and your loved ones. Every patient is different and therefore, one standard treatment will just not do. This is why we facilitate the best and the most optimal treatments, personalised to each patient with the comfort and luxury they desire. We offer the best physiotherapy services along with a clean and healthy lifestyle at Brinnova.

Brinnova is here for you, always.

Happy healing!