A safe space for recovery and rehabilitation

Going through a procedure or surgery can be burdensome, but the real fight begins after the discharge & during the recovery period.

The process of recovery can be extremely brutal and can cause further damage if not supervised by professionals.

It is vital to be careful with the recovering patient after a procedure, whereas, it is just as necessary not to overdo it to a fault. For someone going through a major recovery phase, following the correct routine and maintaining the course of action is usually only attainable by professionals. And for the same, Brinnova is the solution.

Brinnova is your best option for a rehabilitation and recovery. We are a team of highly trained medical, paramedical and nursing staff who know just how to take care of you. If you’re looking for a safe, comfortable, and clean place to spend your recovery phase then Brinnova is your answer. At Brinnova, we personalize every patient’s daily routine which best suits their recovery conditions and requirements. Treat them with the utmost care and help them on the path for a speedy recovery.

Why choose Brinnova’s rehabilitation center?

Rehabilitation is the process of returning the patient to their original condition. It can be defined as restoring a patient’s health and regaining body strength.

For the complete restoration of a patient’s health and strength, professionals should know every minute detail and cause of illness or disease so that a personalized rehab plan can be made for them, this also helps prevent future attacks of the disease.

Brinnova does just that.

We make sure that the patient is given the care they need.
From day-care for the elderly to nursing care, medical supervision, and balanced diet plans. Brinnova has it all.
You need not look anywhere else, with our luxurious suites and clean & comfortable sharing accommodation, every resident here is satisfied and comfortable with their stay.
Our outpatient services are extraordinary and open to anyone who cannot stay the duration at our facility.

We specialize in

Brinnova is the best rehabilitation centre for you. Brinnova is a team of professionals with specializations in various fields. Brinnova is a pitstop for patients with all kinds of needs. Our specific fields of specialization are:

  • Orthopedic Recovery
  • Neuro Recovery
  • Spine Clinic
  • Paediatric Recovery
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Vestibular Recovery
  • Speech & Language
  • Oncology Recovery
  • Ergonomics
  • Cardiopulmonary Recovery
  • Palliative Care