Why should one opt for transitional care?

Bouncing back from a disease can be a difficult process. Things that came easily to you normally seem difficult to perform. This is why hospitals prefer that their patients go through transitional care before ending their treatment and going home. This way they can slowly transition into their normal lives and not worry about rushing or not having anyone to take care of them. On top of that, if something happens and their disease starts acting up again, transitional care is well equipped to take care of that situation as well.
So let us understand what exactly they are and how they function.

What is the Transitional Care and Transitional Care Unit?

Transitional care refers to continuing with your health care regimens while either shifting from one healthcare setting to another or going home.
Transitional care centres are short-term rehabilitation centres that helps a patient slowly get back on his feet before returning to his usual life.

What are the services provided by a transitional care centre?

Different patients undergo different kinds of rehabilitation depending on their diseases, such as.

  • Rehabilitation or restorative care.
  • Therapy, physical, occupational and speech.
  • Fall prevention and wound care.
  • Respiration therapy and ventilator care.
  • Intravenous therapy and frequent laboratory tests

What are the benefits and advantages of Transitional care?

The most beneficial aspect of Transitional care is providing a patient with a sense of continuity and coordination between different places or different stages of care.
The time after being discharged from a hospital is very crucial. Although you may have many friends or family willing to take care of you, this is the job of a professional. This is where Transitional care comes in.
By easing the transition from a hospital to home, transitional care centres drastically reduce the rates of readmission.
Transitional care clinics have access to acute resuscitation services, due to which they can easily and quickly assist patients. This is because they are hospital-based and not community-based.
The main reason that transitional care centres are able to take care of patients with a wide array of patients is that they have multidisciplinary care available.
They are an ideal option for people looking for short term treatments.
The availability of physical and occupational therapy make it valuable for patients recovering from orthopaedic procedures.
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